5-Plant Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) Trial Pack

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Botanical name:
Chrysopogon zizanioides (previously Vetiveria zizanioides)
Potential USA usage area:
USDA Zone 9 and above
Potential PR/USVI usage area:
All areas
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Trial Pack of 5 vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) live plants


Planted at the recommended 6-inch separation (center to center), each pack will cover 2.5 linear feet

  Serving the USA and Puerto Rico since 1989
All our Vetiver Plant products meet all the quality and selection criteria of The Vetiver Network International, 
the US Department of Agriculture, and the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources
Certified vetiver grower and member of The Vetiver Network International (See certificate picture)

Vetiver is recommended for USDA Zones 9 and above. See our USDA Vetiver Grass Planting Zone Map picture for more information 

Efficient system for soil conservation and erosion management

Vetiver is a low-cost, efficient plant, used in over 100 countries, for soil and water conservation, infrastructure stabilization, pollution control, waste water treatment, mitigation, and many other bio-engineering applications. This plant is the main component to all Vetiver System bio-engineering and soil conservation applications.  This cultivated variety of Chrysopogon zizanioides has its center of origin in southern India.  It can be used in the tropics and semi-tropics, and areas that have a Mediterranean type climate where there are hot summers, and winters are temperate.  The very basis of the Vetiver System is that when vetiver is planted as a hedgerow across a slope, it forms a dense barrier that slows down and spreads rainfall runoff. The plant has a very deep and strong root system, and an attribute of sterility and non-invasive behavior.  

  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!  If at any time your plants fail to satisfy your expectations, please contact us for a quick and courteous solution. Our plugs are commercial quality, and are shipped with a 4 to 5 inch long root mass and blades trimmed to about 5 inches. Plants are packed humid in lined boxes. Planting and care instructions are included with every order.
  • NON-INVASIVE VETIVER GRASS VARIETY.  Our plants come from a strain selected by the US Department of Agriculture (Natural Resources Conservation Agency) and meet all the assurances of a non-invasive genotype appropriate to all types of conservation and bio-engineering applications. These plants will not produce viable seeds.
  • FAST USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER.  We provide free tracking information and insurance on all orders.  Feel free to contact us with questions before or after your order.

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